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Motor Choke >

Why use motor chokes? The motor choke: compensates high capacitive charge/discharge currents typical of shielded motor cables approx. 25 m and longer; reduces current alternation noise in the motor; reduces current ripple in the motor. Read more.

Torque mode control of an axis with KAS Controller >

The attached demo project shows how to control a servo axis with a KAS controller in Torque Mode instead fo the default Position Mode. This project requires a 2.9 release of KAS software and PDMM firmware, which is currently only available in beta…

DICONT Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command DICONT     Syntax Transmit DICONT     Syntax Receive DICONT <Data>  

DI2T Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command DI2T     Syntax Transmit DI2T [Data]     Syntax Receive DI2T <Data>  

MI2T Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command MI2T     Syntax Transmit MI2T     Syntax Receive MI2T <Data>  

MICONT Parameter (S300-S700) >

ASCII - Command MICONT     Syntax Transmit MICONT [Data]     Syntax Receive MICONT <Data>  

Motor Inductance >

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700
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