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This application note details using the KAS PxMM multi-axis controller to control a 2 axis T-Bot mechanism. A T-Bot performs 2 axis control through a  mechanism (a single belt with fixed pulleys that drives both axes). The T-Bot creates full motion within a 2-dimensional envelope. A KAS project file, and video are available.

Hello again!

I have to synchronize my 3 axis application to an external axis (which is in fact a circular table rotating at a constant speed), and I have to perform coordinated motion (similar to pick and place).
Basically I have to perform movements over a moving tool using a previously defined path which is adapted to the coordinate system of the tool. Is there any way to do it by using PDMM functions or do I have to develop such features on my own?

Dear Community,

The attachments outline a KAS Application with the following features:

  • 3 axis coordinated motion
  • Banner vision camera connected to the PDMM via Ethernet/IP
  • Camera reads a barcode and  sends the information through Ethernet/IP to the PDMM.
  • The bar code value is then used to determine which pattern to run

How can I match the position loop bandwidths on the AKD drive of 2 axes x and y used for coordinated circular motion?