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Hello, I am working with AKM11F-ANMN2-00 motors for a 3D printer prototype. I would like to use arduino to control these motors.
Is it possible to use an Arduino to control the AKM11F-ANMN2-00 engines?


From the Kollmorgen Visualization Builder under the list of System Tags there is a tag called New Screen ID and its definition.


If you click Add->System Tag in the Tag list, you can assign your desired Modbus address to it. The one shown is the one I used just for testing purpose so I could change the value using USER.INT1 in Workbench Terminal. Change it to the one you need for your case.

  • Digital current controller (670 ns)
  • Digital speed controller  (62,5 µs)
  • Digital position controller (250 µs)