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File Description 
This manual describes the accessories for Kollmorgen digital drive systems and servo drive motors. European edition.
Release Date 
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The followng table provides the Kollmorgen part numbers for the feedback connectors which are used to connect to the AKD-N.

The DC Power (2) and Motor Phases (J3) are connected by plug-in screw terminal type connectors.

The torque specs for these screws, per the manufacture's data sheet is 2.2 lb-in (0.25N·m).

Superior Electric manufactured an 8 pin integral connector for the AC Synchronous SS Series motors.

The connections are to B, F & G, with B being the center tap or Neutral connection.

Kollmorgen does not offer power or feedback cables for the EKM series servomotors. Typically customer's will build their own cables for applications using the EKM motors.

The EKM motor connector part numbers are shown in the EKM Catalog (attached to this article).

The corresponding mating connectors are as follows:


EKM2 and 3 – D38999/26FB5SN
EKM4 – D38999/26FC4SN
EKM5, 6, and 7 – D38999/26FE6SN


ALL – D38999/26FB35SN