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This application note provides an introduction to “connectorized” AKMH motors and mating cables.

The following fault, error, and alarm are each indicative of possible cable or connection problems.

  • F125 on the AKD, "Fieldbus Sync frames lost."
  • E30 in KAS, "EtherCAT communication failure during operational mode."
  • A38 in KAS, "EtherCAT missed a receive frame during operational mode."

The command ECAT.DIAG can be executed in the workbench terminal to help identify the location of the problem after it occurs.

The following is an example of the output from this command.

File Description 
This file details the AKM connector codes and pinouts, including the part number scheme, connector options, and feedback options.
Release Date 
Friday, December 18, 2015

There were some discrepancies in the old literature with pinouts and no details as to a mating connector.

The PDF clarifies these details.

Kollmorgen does not offer mating connectors or cables for the feedback system with DRIVE-CLiQ Interface. Please use Standard cables recommended by Siemens.

M12 Connector Pinout (built into the motor)

Encoder (Feedback codes MA, MB)


Superior Electric manufactured an 8 pin integral connector for the AC Synchronous SS Series motors.

The connections are to B, F & G, with B being the center tap or Neutral connection.

Kollmorgen does offer a Male 15-pin High-Density D-Sub connector with breakout board. Customers can use this for the X10 Feedback primary connector on AKD units.

This type of connection is convenient for wiring non-standard cables, or non-Kollmorgen feedback devices used with frameless motors.  It can be used for prototyping or initial startup.  But it is not recommended for normal operation, since the feedback wiring will not be shielded and will be susceptible to EMI.


Used with 

  • S300, voltage type 230V
  • S400

Used with 


motorstecker_aufbau AKD-N_mod.png
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