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HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS485 standard with a transmission rate of 9.375 MBaud. The data transmission is synchron to the servo amplifier clock, which can be up to 11.95 microseconds short.


PROFINET ( Pro cess Fi eld Net work) is the Profibus & Profinet International (PI) open industrial Ethernet standard for automation.

There are two types Profinet types, Profinet CBA and Profinet IO:


SERCOS (SErial Real time COmmunication System) interface is a worldwide standardized digital interface  for the communication between controls and drives (IEC 61491 and EN 61491).

DeviceNet is a CAN based field bus which is used mainly in the automation engineering.

Number of nodes

Maximum 64 nodes per bus segment. Node addresses (0 to 63) can be set with DIP switches on the servo amplifiers.


Selectable are: 125 kBaud, 250 kBaud and 500 kBaud. Baud rates can be set with DIP switches on the servo amplifiers.