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We have a Kollmorgen AKD-T00606-ICAN drive. We would like to use electronic gearing as its command source to drive an Allen Bradley N3412 motor.


However, the command source pull down menu only lists:


0 - Service

3 - Analog

5 - Program 


as options.


2 - Electronic Gearing is not shown.


Is there a setting that is precluding us from applying this options or does the BASIC model not offer this functionality.


We are often asked if an AKD-P-NBEI ( Ethernet IP ) drive can use step/dir (electronic gearing ) or analog as the command source and simply use Ethernet IP for

basic functionality like enable/disable, fault reset, and diagnostics.


The command source ( DRV.COMMANDSOURCE ) setting for the AKD drive depends on the fieldbus type and operation mode. In some cases the position command is coming directly from the master controller and in other cases the AKD drive’s internal profile generator issues the actual position command.


The correct command source to use for AKD Profinet communication depends on the operation mode (or telegram) that is being used.  The command source will be set automatically by the drive based on which telegram has been selected.