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I am using a linear syncronous motor (Iron Core) which by its nature has some cogging, I'm attempting to use the Cogging Compensation in the drive, but when clicking the "Start Teach" button, it complains that "Teaching range lower bound has to be lower than upper bound."

This makes sense, however I cannot find where these binds are set, the only field available on this tab is Velocity which is defaulted to 4mm/s.

I am in service mode, the drive is enabled, I am in velocity mode.

Unsure what I'm doing wrong here.

The AKD supports similiar to the Servostar line a cogging compensation/suppression functionality, which can be used to increase the synchronism of the motor movement.

A detailed description how to use this functionality can be found in the workbench help:

Workbench Help: Cogging compensation


All parameters described below have an influence to the synchron run of a motor in a servo system. Additionally the influence of the Feedback system must be observed.


Cogging torque designates a phenomenon with electrical motors, which possess permanent magnets in the stator and a slotted anchor from electric sheets or a slotted stand and an anchor with permanent magnets.