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Teaching A New Zero Position On The AKD-P Motion Tasking Drive >

This application note applies to the AKD Motion Tasking drive in the case where the motor to load is direct drive and the position of the load is always between 0 to 360 degrees. This is typical in rotary dials/indexing tables. Sometimes the…

Cartridge DDR Motor running off 110VAC >

Can we run the cartridge DDR motor off of 110VAC.  If so, would it just reduce the speed? The motor is a C041A.

Cartridge DDR with 110V >

The Cartridge DDR Catalog only list 230, 400, and 480 VAC as voltage options for Cartridge DDR's. How much would the speed be affected if i use a C041A with 110 VAC? Is there a Speed torque curve available for this?

Using a Cartdrige DDR with 120 VAC >

The Cartridge DDR specifications only list 230 400 and 480 VAC options. A C041A should be able to run off 110 VAC, right? Is there a speed torque curve available for the voltage?
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