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My customers have had a string of BISS encoder failures lately. I fear there will be many more as these just dont see as rugged as needed.
Is there an encoder I can replace the BISS feedback device with  that will stand up to vibration.
I need something I can field replace.

Is there any data on BISS failures and how they may be avoided ?

BiSS-C is a digital encoder protocol that permits a wide range of possible formats. The AKD supports the most common BiSS-C format, and can only guarantee support for the encoders listed in "Documented BiSS-C Encoders". To determine if a BiSS-C device not listed here is supported by the AKD, follow the steps in "Setting Up an Undocumented BiSS-C Encoder"

Documented BiSS-C Encoders

The following BiSS-C encoders are known to work with an AKD. This list does not include BiSS-B encoders, which function differently.

How to Read the Raw Data of a Multi-turn Encoder when using the AKD Drive’s Primary Feedback X10

Parameter FB1.P allows the user to read the position of the primary feedback device connected to X10. The position can be read as counts or in custom units. This is the raw position read back from the device. When FB1.PUNIT = 0 the output format is 32:32, the upper 32 bits represent the multi-turns and the lower 32 bits represent the position of the feedback. 

An example of how to read the feedback data:

Endat and BiSS multi-turn encoders use a second encoder disc that is geared to the primary disc.  The multi-turn disc will turn one line for each revolution of the motor/encoder.  The muti-turn data will roll over at 2048 revs from absolute zero.  The full range between roll-overs is -2048 revs to zero to +2048 revs.  When the motor passes the roll-over point, the drive will continue counting the feedback position as normal.  But when the drive is

The AKD makes the setup more convenient for the user by not requiring them to convert the BiSS encoder’s bit resolution.  When using a rotary Renishaw BiSS C encoder the parameter FB1.ENCRES always requires the value 4294967295, which is (2^32) – 1.  The parameter BISSBIT does have to configured by the user to the bit resolution of the BISS encoder.





In order to support linear motors the following linear feedback devices have been tested with our drives:

We offer 2 absolute multiturn feedback options 1) Endat and 2) Biss. I believe that Biss is absolute for 13 bits (2^13 = 8192 turns) and Endat is absolute for 12 bits (2^12 = 4096).

Please confirm and provide any documentation that states this information. This is a typical question customers ask.

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700