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This PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including:

  • The differences between absolute and incremental devices.
  • The differences between analog and digital devices.
  • Typical applications for various devices.
  • How to choose the best feedback device for your specific application.
  • How the devices affect servo system performance.

Good day!

I need help with tuning my Digital Servo Amplifier SERVOSTAR 300.

I use self-developed rotary motor + AksIM off-axis rotary absolute encoder (Renishaw) with BiSS-C interface + Kollmorgen S306.

This set of components works well when encoder cable length less than 5 meters, but i need use it with 15 meters encoder cable length.

Hi, Kollmorgen team

I'm planning to use AKD and Zettlex Biss-C feedback sensor together.

WorkBench shows  Biss-C renishaw on the feedback selection screen. Is it compatible only with Renishaw's BISS-C sensor?

I am wondering if it is compatible with the Biss-C sensor manufactured by Zettlex.

Please check the compatibility of the protocol, I attached protocol manual of Zettlex.



SJ Automation.

BiSS-C is a digital encoder protocol that permits a wide range of possible formats. The AKD supports the most common BiSS-C format, and can only guarantee support for the encoders listed in "Documented BiSS-C Encoders". To determine if a BiSS-C device not listed here is supported by the AKD, follow the steps in "Setting Up an Undocumented BiSS-C Encoder"

Documented BiSS-C Encoders

The following BiSS-C encoders are known to work with an AKD. This list does not include BiSS-B encoders, which function differently.