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Thumbnail caching can cause a problem when attempting to copy and paste KVB projects from one folder to another, such as for saving projects to a network drive.

If thumbnails are cached, Windows will generate a file named "Thumbs.db" and place it in every folder containing a picture file.

KVB projects contain picture files. If the Thumbs.db file is in a KVB project, then that project file cannot be completely copied and pasted into another folder. All files in each folder past "Thumbs" in alphabetical order will be lost.

KVB C# Scripting Examples


The AKI panels have the capability of running a C# program in the background.  Each HMI screen in KVB has a tab called “Script”. The C# script will run in the background only for the screen that is currently active, except for the script in the Tag screen, which runs all the time.

Following are some examples of scripts and brief explanations of what they are used for.

AKI/KVB System Tags

System tags are used to monitor or access variables from the system. System tags are handled as regular controller tags, i.e. can be used in screens, logged, included in scripts etc. The Date and Time system tags can be used when you want to use the controller clock in the panel project. The following system tags are available:

System tag group

Creating a C# script within the AKI HMI Panel

You can create a script that runs a C# program in the background of the HMI screen.  A script in the Tag screen will run in the background all of the time.  A script in one of the HMI screens will run in the background only when that screen is active.

In this example, we need a script that will set MT_NUM = 21 and MT_LOAD = 1 when the Run screen is opened.  And we need a pause between these two commands to allow the AKD drive time to process the Modbus commands.