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If I have a 2 axis AKD2G and I want one of the axis to electronically gear to the other.  Do I need to physically wire emulated encoder signals from one axis to the other or will this be able to be accomplished through the software?

On an AKD2G drives running firmware M_02-05-00-000 how do I make an SD-card that can be used to update a new drive in case of a replacing.

On the drive display in the 'SD Card' menu entry, there is a an option for doing 'Backup All' (se attached picture)

However, if I try this, I get an 'failure message' on the display.

On the SD-card the drive makes an folder names 'akd2g_firmware' an in that folder is an file 'FW.i00~' with size 0kB.


The drive can make an parameter backup to the SD-card.


The attached video covers important topics such as ESI (XML)  file acquisition and importation into TwinCAT 3.

Basic setup and motion from the TwinCAT 3 console is also demonstrated.

Finally how to recognize and resolve a mismatch between the Device Description ( ESI ) and the physical AKD2G hardware/firmware revisions when scanning for boxes is covered.


This section has additional considerations for DC power supplies.

A single power supply can be used to provide the main power for the DC input. This document provides guidance for the operation of AKD2G Sxx-6V drive with low voltage DC supply and should be used in conjunction with AKD2G-Sxx Installation Manual. The voltage range of supply is less than 90VDC. See the Regulatory Information section of the AKD2G Installation Guide for more details on isolation and grounding requirements.

File Description 
This manual describes the accessories for Kollmorgen digital drive systems and servo drive motors. European edition.
Release Date 
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

This sample configuration illustrates setting up a dual-axis AKD2G with dual-axis KSM 12-2 Safety PLC. 

Safety Engineering is not so simple that one design will meet SIL2 for all applications. The intent of this document is to give a functional example of an AKD2G drive and KSM Safety PLC.

Sample KAS Fault Handling code and project has been created for KAS applications that utilize the AKD2G drive. Differences in parameter names and functionality between the AKD and AKD2G led to the new code being created.

The following shows parts of the project starter template (project .kas link below) in which the Program FaultMonitorAKD2G and Subprogram MCFB_AKD2G_Fault are included. The .kas project is for a Dual Axis AKD2G drive. This code can be modified for a single axis AKD2G drive by removing the parts that correspond to the second axis.

The AKD2G can be used in a KAS Motion/Machine control system. This application note outlines new/different features to be cognizant of when developing a KAS application that includes  AKD2G drives. After reviewing this document, contact a KAS application engineer if you want more detail.

WorkBench (version ≥ has some accessible parameters to tweak the way data are exchanged with the drive. Keywords sent to the drive and answers returned will be grouped together to build bigger packets of data. This is particularly helpful on networks with high latency. It is also useful for slowing down the polling interval to avoid overloading the communication channel on slower networks.

These parameters are accessible in the WorkBench configuration file, which is usually placed in the install directory: