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I need to use Homing mode 12 (Find Home switch, including end stop detection) but the drive does not detect the hard stop. When it goes to the hard stop, the foldback protection ends to disable the drive.

I tried Homing mode 8 (Find end stop) ans it works well with the same parameters, BUT the move direction is reversed (with the same parameters).

File Description 
This is a declaration that the AKD Servo Drive (types AKD-x0030y ... AKD-x0240y with x=B,P,T,M and y=6,7) conform with UKCA.
Release Date 
Thursday, October 21, 2021
File Description 
Declaration of conformity with EU directives for AKD-x04807 drives with x=B,P,T,M
Release Date 
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

This article is related Cam Build & Release Organization.

The attached file consists of a FB you may use in your project. In some machines, we need different cam profiles and we change these profiles for system expectations.

As you know Kollmorgen uses PLC Open Motion Library (also Pipe Network) to create cam profiles. We using MC_CamTblSelect, MLProfileBuild, and MLProfileRelease block to be able to do this. This FB carries out this process.

This article contains a list of differences between AKD2G and AKD1G related to Profinet.

The AKD command source (DRV.CMDSOURCE) is set automatically by the EtherCAT/CANopen master controller.  There is no need to set this in Workbench when using the fieldbus.  And there is no need to read DRV.CMDSOURCE to verify that it's set correctly as long as there is nothing configured in the drive that would change it, such as a digital input.  Set the fieldbus mode of operation with object 6060h and let that automatically set the correct command source.

EoE Overview

EoE = Ethernet over EtherCAT

This allows communication between Workbench (installed on the EtherCAT master PC) and the AKD using Telnet communication over the EtherCAT network.  It allows connecting to the drive with Workbench without needing a separate PC or Ethernet port.

Types of Connections

EoE connection:

  • EtherCAT Master PC with Workbench installed ---> Telnet over EtherCAT ---> AKD X5 EtherCAT Port

Separate Workbench and EtherCAT connections:

This document reviews the basics of getting started with the PST (Performance Servo Tuner). There are several references in this document to other documents for more detailed information.  

The Real-Time Jog feature in Profinet allows the PLC to change the jog speed, acceleration, deceleration, and direction on the fly (while the jog motion is active).

The following telegram data is used for the Real-Time Jog:

  • Acceleration: MDI_ACC
  • Deceleration: MDI_DEC

These are available in the following telegrams:

  • For AKD: Telegram 9, 352, 353, and 400
  • For AKD2G: Telegram 9 and 0

The behavior of the Real-Time Jog is different in the AKD and AKD2G drives.

Commutation is the means by which a servo drive controls the torque of a motor by determining the position of the motor and applying current to the appropriate motor phases.  If the rotor position of the motor is not determined correctly or the motor power phase wires are wired to the wrong terminals, the drive will apply current to the wrong phase at the wrong time (or at the wrong rotor position).  This will cause the motor to run away or lock up.