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Kollmorgen Support Network

VBus Low & In-Rush Relay Closed(False) Issue >

Hello, I'm Jaehyung Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in South Korea. Currently, I am working on building a system that incorporates the Kollmorgen workbench, AKD-P00307, and AKMH24D-CCK2R Motor. However, I am facing an issue related to the VBus. The…

Workbench 2.2 & AKD2G >

On the AKD2G the 'All paramters' node under Device setinngs tree has been removed. Is this deliberate or is it a bug or missing implementation? It is still available on normal AKD drives. /Jørgen

AKD WorkBench (version Has Problem >

I had message like attached photo during connection between driver (AKD-P00607-NBCC-D000) and PC. Why does it happen this message? What I do for solving this problem? Please, give me your advice.

Workbench GUI doesn't display correctly. >

I can't see some information on Workbench since I changed laptop. OS is Windows10 (Japanese) .  What is the root cause? Please see following screenshots.

Workbench Crashes When the Drives are Found >

Hi! When Workbench finds the drive it crashes every time. The local network is behind a Moxa router. I have two network connections, one directly to the router and one on the outside of the router (WAN). If both are on Broadcast mode…

WorkBench crashes in Performance Tuner >

I have an AKD-P00306-NBCC-E000 driving a Tecnotion TM3 linear syncronous motor, I am trying to tune the drive but when I press 'Start' it runs through the Positive and Negative friction tests, then fails with the following error. I…

WorkBench Logging >

Debugging interaction problem between WorkBench and drives may be facilitated by using the built-in logging mechanism. Where are the application and the log files in your system: The easiest way to access the application or the log files is to open…

AKD Workbench Feedback Screen Problem >

  Hello, We encountered a little problem with AKD Workbench when we go on Feedback1 window. With some laptops, we have a popup window indicated an error (see the attached jpeg). It is not a big issue as, if we choose Continue, it works fine. I…
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