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Q:  How many servo axes can I control in my application using a PDMM?

A:  The maximum axis count depends on motion/automation complexity and performance.  The following graphs show the approximate number of axes that a control can run at a given control update rate for the two versions of the PDMM controllerl.  Note that 16 axes is not a control limit.

PDMM 800 Mhz

PDMM 800 Mhz.png

The controller firmware is updated through a web server. On power up of the PDMM the IP address of the controller will be displayed on the unit. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address. In the screen print below the IP address is


Connector names of Kollmorgen servo amplifiers.

Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)


The two digits LED display indicates the messages of the drive. Fault messages are coded with "F", warnings are coded with "n". See Fault Messages AKD.

The one digit LED indicates the PDMM messages of the controller. Error messages are coded with "E", alarms are coded with "A". See table below.

Valid for AKD-M (AKD PDMM)

The AKD PDMM Drives have a two digit plus a one digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there.