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The PDMM allows the use of a Profinet RT connection on the X32 TCP/IP port.

I'm using PDMM control a AKD driver on EtherCAT.what's the different of  the following command:

first:MLCNVConnectEx(PipeNetwork.CNV1, PipeNetwork.AXIS1, EC_ADDITIVE_TORQUE_VALUE, 0 ) ;

next:MLAxisAddTq(PipeNetwork.Axis1, Axis1_Torque ) ;

and the next question is how to scale the value to motor current?

I have a PDMM doing a relative move but stopping with a halt command when it sees a high speed input.  It works fine for the first 10 or 20 consecutive moves but then starts decelerating much more slowly.  The drive is pushing a very large 3rd party motor but is only using a very small percentage of the current.  My thought is that the internal regen resister is having problems with the back emf generated by the inertia of the very large servo motor after a short duration which is causing it to have problems decelerating. 

The GSDML-Files are inluded in the firmware package for the drives. Please go to the download page to get the appropriate package for your AKD drive.


The attached KAS project adds a program (LoadSaveParams) to one of the standard 2 axis startup templates to store

and retrieve parameter settings from the PDMM’s NVRAM memory.An Array of Structures with the following elements

was setup:







A Control Panel was added to the project to enter values and perform the save or to retrieve values already save.



I'm setting up a PDMM with KAS as multi axis master to be connected to a Siemens S1200 or a S1500 CPU with Profinet.

This application note describes the process of writing data to the SD card or the embedded flash on the PDMM in .CSV (comma separated variable) format.  This is a general overview for writing data.  More read/write functions can be found in the KAS help section under File Management Functions.

Write Data to SD Card

Data logging with an SD card is used when a user wants to collect data from the PDMM, and then view this data on another computer.

Looking to do an ECATRead on the position of Feedback2 of an AKD with the PDMM.  However, I can't find this parameter (FB2.P) in the object dictionary.  Is this parameter available to read?

When creating a text file from a KAS program, The following escape sequences can be used for formatting.