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Para visualizar os alarmes dos drives AKDs na IHM AKI é necessário cadastar todos os alarmes de cada drive no Alarm Server da IHM e inserir código no programa fonte do PLC. Este documento ensina a usar as opção de importação de tabelas e códigos de para facilitar a implementação dos alarmes no projeto de controle.

Importando a lógica de alarmes para o PLC

O arquivo Alarm.xk5 contém o código necessário para a visualização de todos os alarmes para um drive AKD na IHM.


To view the AKDs alarms on the HMI AKI is necessary to register all alarms of each drive in the HMI Alarm Server and insert code in the PLC source program. This document teaches the use of import tables and PLC source program to facilitate the implementation of alarms in the control project.

We have a small demo unit consisting of a  PDMM and an ethercat AKD.  Suddenly the drive is giving a error code of just --.  I cannot scan the drive to the ethercat network and can't connect to it from workbench.  I'm assuming this drive is dead but wanted to make sure.  Do I need to send it back to get fixed or is there something else I can try?

Hi, I have an application moving a loaded sled on rails with a pair of actuators. The actuators are electronically geared and part of an overall system controlled by a PDMM. I'm curious what will happen in the event of a fault to one of the drives. I know if the master faults then the slave will not move since it is following the master. I'm concerned about the case where the slave might fault and am curious if the master will continue moving possible causing damage to the mechanics of the system. If so, is there an easily to implement fix in the PDMM?


Has someone experience with frequency inverters controlled via EtherCAT through the KAS / PDMM?

I'd like to know which brands and/or models was tested and worked.

How to get error code that show on AKD PDMM Drive  LED,

I found there is function GetCtrlErrors , what is the array of 100  bool  alarm representation which i not found in the manual. 

How to read AKD PDMM driver and motor temperature using command in project? 

I do come across documentation using DRV.Temperatures, Motor.Temp but when  I 

try to key in that command in ST program and it prompt me to declare that variable.

Please advice me how to apply this command in Project using ST.


I use command MC_MoveVelocity  for move the motor.

Is there any possible change moving velocity while the motor is moving under this command?.

I try to assign a variable to the velocity and change the velocity value while motor is moving,

it seem motor still move at same velocity.  Is there other method or command to full fill this requirement?

I need to move the motor and certain velocity, then after a while increase to another velocity without stop the motor.

Looking to bring in 2 BiSS encoders into a pdmm.  Since the pdmm can only take 1 I was looking at a 3rd party ethercat coupler with this type of encoder interface.  There are few out there and I was wondering if Kollmorgen has a list of 3rd part ethercat devices that will work with the pdmm (e.g.  Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Wago, etc.)