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In order to use the AKD-N12 continuously with a full load, it is needed to ensure a RTHgesamt ≤ 0,2 K/W for the complete system ([1]). The AKD-N without a heat sink provides an RTH of 0,05 K/W. Therefore an additional RTH ≤ 0.15 K/W needs to be ensured in order to provide sufficient heat dissipation. This can be achieved by using a water cooled heat sink.

This article supplies further information about a water cooled option of the 12 A AKD-N and further information about the validation tests.

Structure STO ISO 13849-1 IEC 62061 PFH [1/h] SFF [%] TM (Years)
AKD-C + 1 x AKD-N global PL d, CAT 3 SIL 2 2.99E-08 97.08 20
AKD-C + 8 x AKD-N global PL d, CAT 3 SIL 2 3.07E-08 99.44 20
1 x AKD-N-DS local PL d, CAT 3 SIL 2 2.9E-08 97.12 20

AKD-C offers two separate strings to connect up to 8 AKD-N to each of them. Maximum total cable length for each string is 100m.

The AKD-C's EtherCAT topology will change when switching to firmware version 1-14. The AKD-C will have two ESCs (EtherCAT Slave Controllers) instead of one.

File Description 
Installation manual for AKD-N (Near Servo Drive). Describes the AKD-N series of drives for Kollmorgen decentralized drive system and includes information needed for safe assembling and installation.
Release Date 
Sunday, December 13, 2015

The followng table provides the Kollmorgen part numbers for the feedback connectors which are used to connect to the AKD-N.

I am trying to hook-up a BissC encoder to an AKD-N drive and I cannot find the part number of the Amphenol connector that comes on the CFCNA1-xxx cable.

Does anyone perhaps know what that P/N might be?

What are the basic differences between the AKD-B, AKD-C, AKD-N, AKD-T, AKD-P? For somebody fairly new to the industry like me, I would be nice to be able to explain the features, advantages, disadvantages to customers. The Kollmorgen website talks about its great features, but does not tell me what applications are appropriate for each drive. Not only will the drive be appropriately selected, but also will save the customer hundreds of dollars. If I can also get application examples that would be very helpful as well.