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PICPro V10 or before >

Hello, Any ideas/recommendations where/how find PICPro for DOS or PICPro for Windows V10? Thanks a lot, V.

G & L Basic Support Document  >

This document covers the basic support for the G&L products.  It includes information  on the three different edition levels of PicPro.  Information on the different G&L files types and how to determine what version…

[Solved] MMC-A4 Plus HMI Connection using User Port (RS232) >

Dear Expert, Currently we have lot of MMC -A4 Plus (standalone) connected to HMI (Schneider) using Ethernet. Somehow the MMC Ethernet module is fail (this is the 3rd times in last 4 month). Sadly we no Ethernet module left in the…


Good afeternoon Tenho uma duvida, queria saber qual software para programar esse plc, meu windows é XP SP3 32bit, se alguem puder me ajudar eu agradeço.

G&L Software Archive >

The PiCPro and MMC lines (G&L Motion Control products) are obsolete and not available for new applications. As alternatives, we recommend the Kollmorgen Automation Suite and the AKD line of servo drives, respectively.

PIC PRO program loading correctly with Monitor Version >

I got a PicPro program that I am trying to open.  When I try to open the program I got the popup below that states  Version of PiCPro speicfied for this project is not the version running that currently running

G&L Motion Solutions CD Downloads >

Refer to the Motion Solutions V4 Readme.pdf for installation notes and instructions for converting existing project files for use with the new version of Motions Solutions.

G&L Installation/Datafile Fixes >

New MMC-SDN Drive Support for PiCPro V18 If you are using PiCPro V18.0 SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5 you must use the firmware provided below. Filename Description MMC-SDN Drive Support MMC-SDN

G&L Firmware >

Filename Description Firmware released with PiCPro for Windows V18.0 SP7 Includes: PiC, MMC, MMC Smart Drive, MMC Digital, S200, DL-DIU, MMC-SDN, and SliceIO firmware
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