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O arquivo em anexo mostra como calcular a inércia da carga movimentada pelo servo motor.

Conhecer a inércia da carga permite determninar se o sistema está bem dimensionado e qual a resposta máxima que este sistema pode dar.

What is the update rate in the AKD of reading the motor temp sensor through the SFD feedback?

File Description 
This file details the AKM connector codes and pinouts, including the part number scheme, connector options, and feedback options.
Release Date 
Friday, December 18, 2015

The AKM standard motor can be configured to achieve an IP67 rating by using the straight connectors (G option) and the shaft seal (01 option).  The 0W (washdown) and 0F (food grade) motors all meet the IP67 rated whether they have straight or angled connectors.

A customer is wondering if we can run an AKM above 9000 RPM for an experiment, 9600RPM to be exact and have about 13 lb-in of torque. He is aware of the mechanical failures that could happen, and he is willing to damage the motor to meet the test requirement. I attached an excel sheet of his motion profile.

Would the motor fault if it goes over the max rated speed? Can any of the AKM meet his requirements for a short period of time?

What defines the rated speed of an AKM motor.

How is the rated speed of a Linear Motor defined.

I have a customer that is having an issue getting feedback from the Xenus XTL drive/controller that is connected to an AKM23F. The motors has a 1024 LPR encoder and we went through the process of wiring it. The connection is pretty straight forward, we believe the pinout we selected is incorrect. Below, we selected the "Encoder/Hall Function" and matched the pinouts to the J8 inputs. Not sure is I should pick the "Motor Wire" or "Cable Wire", what are the differences between them?

CCC documents are not required for AKM motors.  The attached document (written in Chinese) is sufficient to allow AKM motors to gain entry into China.

I am sizing a motor to turn a saw blade at 5000 RPM. An AKM22 gives good margin on torque and speed, but the inertia mismatch is 10:1. 

Generally, is inertia any less of a concern when using a motor for a cutting application? Will there still be adequate control when introducing a 4 in-lb cutting torque?