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The following table provides a resource for what firmware is associated with each release of the KAS IDE. This includes both firmware for the drive built into the AKD-PDMM controller, as well as the firmware for other drives that may be used within KAS.

Any ideas why this doesn't work?  PCMM, AKD on EtherCAT, v3 of KAS IDE.


Many servo applications exist in which it is more practical to use a DC power supply for the motor bus power instead of using AC power.  Some of these include the use of batteries, generators, low voltage DC power supplies, and there are cases where high voltage DC power supplies are used just because of preference or availability.

The following applies to the AKD-x003y through AKD-x024y, where y = 6 or 7 (All AKD drives except for the AKD48).

Hi, Kollmorgen team

I'm planning to use AKD and Zettlex Biss-C feedback sensor together.

WorkBench shows  Biss-C renishaw on the feedback selection screen. Is it compatible only with Renishaw's BISS-C sensor?

I am wondering if it is compatible with the Biss-C sensor manufactured by Zettlex.

Please check the compatibility of the protocol, I attached protocol manual of Zettlex.



SJ Automation.


I have just taken over a project using a Kollmorgen AKD controller. Prior to me starting this work we had a catastrophic failure with the rig and the AKD controller was damaged and non-responsive. We now have a new controller. Is it possible to send the configuration from the original controller to the new controller? Is the original configuration saved in WorkBench so I can at least access the parameters?



This article demonstrates potential issues seen when users attempt to import the data types that the AOIs are codependent on and how to resolve them.

This applies to the use of the AKD-P Ethernet IP motion tasking drive ( AKD-P-NxEI ) and the use of Allen Bradley Compactlogix or Contrologix PLCs in the RSLogix5000 or Studio5000 programming environment.

I got an AKD moving at the moment with a step and direction input from a PLC. The input resolution I'm currently using is 1000 counts/rev and no gear ratio (1:1). Input type 1 (step and direction signals) and input source 2 (Feedback source X7) are used in this setup. While trying to get the this system to run smoothly I stumbled on a few problems. The input pulse coming from the PLC has a maximum of 40kHz. This output pulse limits the smoothness of the system I'm trying to get this system to run as smooth as possible. Changing the PLC is not an option due to customer requirements.

I have one AKD Ethercat axis configured and working in KAS IDE, but have 4 identical axes.  How can I copy/duplicate the working axis in my IDE config?
File Description 
This document describes data for the low voltage AKD drive. All standard data, safety notes, mounting and wiring information is provided in the AKD Installation Manual.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

This application note demonstrates two methods for achieving a jog forward and jog reverse using Service Motion and Modbus TCP.

This applies to the AKD-B and AKD-P drives as the AKD-T ( BASIC ) and KAS platforms have other methods for achieving the jog ( i.e. in the programming ). A PDF version is attached to this article.