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So here's my story. Boss decided I'm going to start programming our custom built machines. He said," Theres a computer over there, go use it." 

We use TRIO with Motion Perfect v4, Proface HMIs with GP-PRO EX, Kollmorgen drives and servos (at least sometimes). So I've got everything wired up and the drive (AKD-P) is giving me fault F401 no matter what I do. Our servo is a Kollmorgen AKM 52L. The drive and servo are connected via a Kollmorgen Hybrid Cable AKD. 

We have not tested Omron PLCs with the AKD Ethernet IP drive but have learned a few nuances from supporting customers.

Raspberry Pi Foundation and its background.

The foundation's goal was to advance the Computer Science, Programming, and engineering education of children and adults with a low-cost and high-performance solution.

From Raspberry Pi Foundation itself:

The X9 Port on the AKD drive is generally used as an encoder input, EEO (encoder emulated output), or not used. However, the AKD also has the feature to use the X9 port as general I/O.

File Description 
Installation manual for AKD, AKD BASIC, and AKD PDMM drives. Describes the AKD series of digital drives and includes mechanical, electrical, and software installation information needed to safely install AKD.
Release Date 
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
This solution allows you to read the motor positions of three AKD axes using Raspberry Pi hardware and Modbus TCP/IP.
File Description 
This manual describes the accessories for Kollmorgen digital drive systems and servo drive motors. European edition.
Release Date 
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The ability to read FB3.P was added in firmware 01-12-00-000.

This application note demonstrates configuration, key objects, and reading the encoder position using both PCAN

for CANopen and TwinCAT3 for EtherCAT.

This video series comprises of 16 videos as a complete training on AKD Ethernet IP Communications. Videos 1 though 7 are essential and the remaining videos can be viewed in order or the user can pick and choose a topic of interest or one that pertains to something specific in their application.

In the top right-hand corner of the following link there is a right arrow that allows the user to index from 1 to 16 on the video playlist.


I am having trouble with mapping telegram 400 of an AKD drive over profinet. 

Mapping of all "one word" parameters is fine, I am using examples from here - but lets say I want to map fe. HOME.ACC - 2192 - DWord.. I tried many variants by changing example program, but I just cant get it to work.