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This is Ryu Seung Hyeon from GMS.


The customer uses the following combination:

DRIVE : AKD-B1206-NBAN-000000



F531 fault occurred during setup, the customer replaced it with a new drive as the manual said.


I was informed that the new drive caused the same fault during setup.


I am writing because I am curious about the cause of the fault.

New features include:

  • Enhanced AKD2G Drive Integration
  • Map EtherCAT feedback to PLCopen Digitizing Axis
  • Multiple IDE Instances
  • IDE Ease-of-Use Enhancements:
  • Elastic Search capability in On-Line help

See the article for more information.

The touch probe feature of EtherCAT is simply a position capture.  In fact, it uses the position capture feature in the AKD.  When touch probe is set up and enabled, it automatically configures and arms the AKD’s position capture.  There are two touch probes available, corresponding to CAP0 and CAP1 in the AKD.  Each touch probe is configurable to use the positive edge, negative edge, or both.  There is a status word indicating the enable status of each Touch Probe and whether each edge has been triggered.

The AKD Installation Manual, the S700 ( 701-724 ) Installation Manual, and the S700 ( 748-772 ) Installation Manual all show a vibration specification as

"CLASS 3M1 According To IEC60721-3-3".

To further clarify the following information is extracted from a table in the IEC document that covers all the different Classes. The non-stationary shock spectrum is in a graphic in the IEC document. It would have meaning for someone doing the test. In general most customers just need to know that it is the type L spectrum:

Class 3M1

My customers have had a string of BISS encoder failures lately. I fear there will be many more as these just dont see as rugged as needed.
Is there an encoder I can replace the BISS feedback device with  that will stand up to vibration.
I need something I can field replace.

Is there any data on BISS failures and how they may be avoided ?


I'm looking for v1.13.09 or newer firmware for an AKD-P00306-NAEI-0000.  I want to test some PLC logic for Velocity Setpoint mode, and based on the firmware release notes this was the first version to have the feature.




The following table provides a resource for what firmware is associated with each release of the KAS IDE. This includes both firmware for the drive built into the AKD-PDMM controller, as well as the firmware for other drives that may be used within KAS.

Any ideas why this doesn't work?  PCMM, AKD on EtherCAT, v3 of KAS IDE.


Many servo applications exist in which it is more practical to use a DC power supply for the motor bus power instead of using AC power.  Some of these include the use of batteries, generators, low voltage DC power supplies, and there are cases where high voltage DC power supplies are used just because of preference or availability.

The following applies to the AKD-x003y through AKD-x024y, where y = 6 or 7 (All AKD drives except for the AKD48).

Hi, Kollmorgen team

I'm planning to use AKD and Zettlex Biss-C feedback sensor together.

WorkBench shows  Biss-C renishaw on the feedback selection screen. Is it compatible only with Renishaw's BISS-C sensor?

I am wondering if it is compatible with the Biss-C sensor manufactured by Zettlex.

Please check the compatibility of the protocol, I attached protocol manual of Zettlex.



SJ Automation.