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I have a question regarding BiSS-C setup.

The encoder model used is Aksim-2 from RLS, and the model name is MB080DCC20BDNT00.

I tried setting it referring to the "Setting Up an Undocumented BiSS-C Encoder" section of the above site, but it didn't work.

When FB1.BISSBITS was set to 20bit, the alarm was not cleared, I tried changing the settings from 12~36, but it was not cleared.

I am new to the Kollmorgen platform, having worked with Galil motion controllers forever.  With a Galil, I simply issued a command of DP 0 (define axis A position as 0).  Is there a similarly easy way to do this in KAS using structured text?


Im using 2 AKD motors jogging on leadscrews, but I have some trouble making a smooth change of direction. Im using a trapezoid pattern, but the SM.V1 property uses about 1 second to receive and process the change in direction. Im communicating via Modbus over TCP.

This article discusses common questions about the differences between AKD and AKD2G drives. A PDF version of these questions is attached below. More information can be found in the online help under the topic AKD2G vs. AKD.

Hello, my company is about to ship out a project which uses the AKD-P00306-NCEI-0000. I am making the wiring diagram and have thus far been unable to find any electrical documentation on the product. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the electrical and panel dwgs for the AKD.


How to resolve F302 (Over speed) error, during normal machine running operation suddenly Servo drive throw this error.

What is the exact reason & how to fix this quickly?


Hello. I've the following Motor: AKM 52H-ANDNCA00 with resolver HAROMAX FP00162. AKD got  F421 - SFD position sensor fault. Installed another motor, the fault disappeared.

This article discusses AKD EtherCAT scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration commands and actual velocity.  For the position modes, FBUS.PARAM05 applies to position scaling and the scaling for velocity, acceleration, and deceleration.

PP = Profile Position
IP = Interpolated Position
CSP = Cyclic Synchronous Position
PV = Profile Velocity

The AKD drive supports flexible EtherCAT PDO mapping.  The 4 available flexible RxPDO’s (PDO data for receive direction, commands from master to drive) are mapped using objects 1600h, 1601h, 1602h, and 1603h.  Each one of these RxPDOs is limited to a maximum size of 8 bytes, but historically the sum total size for all four RxPDOs was limited to 20 bytes.  This sum total size for all four RxPDOs was changed in firmware version 1-16-00-002 to 32 bytes, dependent on setting ECAT.LEGACYREV=0.

TxPDO’s have always supported 32 byte of data

PN.ACCSCALING sets the scaling factor for acceleration rates related to PROFINET motion commands.

The AKD PROFINET manual states that it applies to Jog Acc (PNU 1006), Jog Dec (PNU 1007), DRV_ACC (Telegram Signal 108), and DRV_DEC (Telegram Signal 109), and no other parameters.

However, it also applies to MDI_ACC (Telegram Signal 36), and MDI_DEC (Telegram Signal 37) for use in Telegrams 9 and 400.