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Sytem Tags in KVB (AKI panels)

AKI/KVB System Tags

System tags are used to monitor or access variables from the system. System tags are handled as regular controller tags, i.e. can be used in screens, logged, included in scripts etc. The Date and Time system tags can be used when you want to use the controller clock in the panel project. The following system tags are available:

System tag group

System tag



Communication Error Message

Latest communication error message

Communication Errors

Number of active communication errors on all controllers

Remote Alarm Server Connection Errors

Number of remote alarm servers with connection errors, e.g. disconnected servers.

Date and Time


Current date and time


Day component of current date

Day of Week

Day of current week (1-7 where 1 is Sunday)


Hour component of current time


Minute component of current time


Month component of current date


Second component of current time


Year component of current date


Current Screen Id

The ID of the current screen.

The data type of this tag is int16 and it only has read access. This tag gets updated every time you open a screen, with the exception on pop up screens. When opening a pop up screen the current screen id tag will not be updated. When entering a screen without a screen id the tag value of the current screen id will be set to -1. Note that 0 is a valid screen id.

Current Screen Name

Name of the current screen

Latest Loaded Recipe

Name of the latest loaded recipe

New Screen Id

The ID of the new screen.

The data type of this tag is int16 and it has read/write access. The tag is always active. When the new screen id tag changes value a screen jump is made to the screen with corresponding screen id. If no such screen exists a notification message will show.

If the new screen contains configured screen instances (alias), the default instance is always displayed.


Project Name

Name of the current project

Runtime Version

Runtime version of framework

Screen Update Time

Screen update time (in ms)

Available RAM

Amount of available RAM memory (in kB)

Available Storage

Amount of available storage memory (in MB)

Backlight Brightness Level

Backlight brightness level (in percent)

CPU Load

Amount of used CPU capacity (in percent)

Current User

The user name of the currently logged in user

Debug Logging Enabled

Indicates if debug logging is enabled.

Internal Temperature

Internal panel temperature (in °C)

Physical RAM

RAM memory installed (in kB)

Power LED Blink Frequency

Blink frequency of the power LED (1–10 Hz,0 = always on)

Power LED Blue Intensity

Intensity of the blue power LED (0–100)

Power LED Red Intensity

Intensity of the red power LED (0–100)

Storage Memory

Storage memory installed in computer (in MB)

Used RAM

Amount of used RAM memory (in kB)

Used RAM Percent

Amount of used RAM memory (in percent of physical)

Used Storage

Amount of used storage memory (in MB)

Used Storage Percent

Amount of used storage memory (in percent of all storage)

Windows CE Image Version

Windows CE Image Version

System tags are indicated by blue color in the tag list.

System tags are added by clicking the Add Tag/Add System Tag button in the tags configuration page.