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System update software tool

We ship automation with the Kollmorgen PDMM all over the world.  Often we need to remotely provide program, drive parameter, drive firmware, and HMI updates. This currently involves an SD card with the .tgz file in the PDMM, a USB drive for the HMI and Workbench to update the drive parameters.  We have several YouTube videos and procedures to help field service technicians, but this is a fairly time consuming and complex procedure, especially for non-English speaking field service engineers.  

It would be tremendously helpful if a non-programming KAS "like" software was available in which all of the updates could be done through one software program and one connection to the PDMM.  The firmware update can still happen using a browser.

Please consider creating a KAS version for the purpose of updating equipment in the field.  


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C Wontrop
The PxMM Web Server offers the capability to update  the KAS system including the PxMM controller and AKD drives. Here is some information on this: It would be possible to connect to and update the PxMM/AKDs remotely through the internet if a box such as a Tosibox was added to the machine. The Tosibox allows updating the Kollmorgen PxMM and AKD drives remotely through the Internet and the local firewall. Updating the KVB HMI could occur through another connection into a Tosibox like product. Feel free to contact someone in the KAS Sales/Application team to discuss further.