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AKT and AKT2G Remote I/O Comparison >

The AKT2G family is recommended for new applications requiring remote I/O in a PCMM or PDMM KAS application. This article and attachment compares the AKT2G Remote I/O family with the AKT Remote I/O family.

Resolving Servo Feedback Choices >

This PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including: The differences between absolute and incremental devices. The differences between analog and digital devices. Typical…

Encoder Installation Instruction for IDC Stepper Motor 802-004 >

Following are the instructions for adding the Encoder 802-004, which is the 0.25" SHAFT, 500 LINE ENCODER for stepper motors. Attached is the original PDF.  NOTE: S3 & S4 motors require cover mod. for cable General Information The LDA…

Setting up the AKD to Close Position Loop on an External Encoder >

AKD dual loop (closing position loop on external encoder)

Setup AquadB 5V encoder >

Valid for S300, S400, S600, S700 Connector S300 X5 S400 X4 S600 X5 S700 X5 (with option card POS-I/O-Monitor) Setup Setup must be done with the setup software (Terminal screen) with ASCII…
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