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S-Curve Corner Transition – Design and Calculations >

The reason the S-Curve Corner Transition was designed was due to the existing Corner Distance Transition having a discontinuity in the acceleration vector when entering the circular arc of the transition. If the axes group is travelling in a line at…

Resolving Servo Feedback Choices >

This PowerPoint presentation explains the differences between different types of servo motor feedback devices, including: The differences between absolute and incremental devices. The differences between analog and digital devices. Typical…

Choosing a KAS Controller >

Choosing a controller that matches your project is important. You don't want to overspend on a device that is significantly more powerful than you need, but buying something that is not robust enough can be even more costly. By defining your…

Boot Time of AKD / AKD2G >

The boot time was measured from the point of applying 24V control power to the drives.  The time was measured to specific indicators and functions of the drives. Note that AC power was already turned on prior to running these tests, so that the…

Superior Step Motor Catalog 2006 >

This catalog covers the KM06, KM09, KM11, MH172, MX09, and MX11 series step motors.

Ingress Protection of Servo Motors >

Sealing is an important design tool used to prolong the life of motors against harsh environments containing dust or liquid contaminants. There are arguably an unlimited number of applications for servo motors and each comes with its own…

PCMM Dual-Core - New KAS Controller Model! >

The PCMM (Programmable Controller Multi-Axis Master) Dual-Core is a PCMM 1.2GHz with two CPU cores. It shares the same electronic hardware, connectors, and signals as the PCMM single core model. It has the same features, functionality, memory, and…

AKD Control Loop Update Rates >

Digital current controller (670 ns) Digital speed controller  (62,5 µs) Digital position controller (250 µs)

AKD Step and direction, Direction bit setup time >

Changing direction, with step and direction command, takes 100nS
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