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Cam Profile Build, Release, Switch Organization, FB for PLC Open.  >

This article is related Cam Build & Release Organization. The attached file consists of a FB you may use in your project. In some machines, we need different cam profiles and we change these profiles for system…

KAS Simulator >

The KAS IDE contains a Simulator that can help to shorten development time. The Simulator provides the following advantages. Machine software development can start before (or parallel with) bringing in production. Run the full application: HMI,…

Using KAS Project Starting Templates >

Starting with a project template saves the user development time. KAS Project Starter Templates contain: code for programming motion and machine code an internal control panel for developing and debugging programs a HMI program to use with the…

KAS Standard SFC Template - State Machine  >

Introduction Taking a look at PLC projects, we see that every machine deals with the same functionalities. Generally, machines powered by servo drives, need to follow a sequence of steps during its development:          …

Initialize EtherCAT Communication and Motion Engine >

KAS UDFB's for EtherCAT and motion engine initialization

Real-Time AKD Current Limits Change Using KAS >

In many cases the AKD default peak currents have to be changed. There are several ways to do this, but not all are executed quickly and real-time. If AKD is working in standalone mode the easiest way is to declare the function 21 - Current…

EOT (End of Travel) Software Position Limits in a KAS application >

In a KAS PxMM application program, to setup software End Of Travel (EOT) position limits:

Deliver Virtual Master Position to two or more PCMM using Pipe Network >

If two or more PCMM networks have to follow the same position set point, it's possible to use the following strategy. The image below shows a typical configuration where all the AKD drives must follow the same position set point: Orange…

KAS ST (Stuctured Text) Editor >

This video introduces the KAS IDE, ST (Structured Text) Editor Covered in the Video: Syntax Compile, run, and animation Comments Using Function and Function Blocks Conditional Statements Shortcut keys (Reference to) Debugging
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