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KVB HMI - Displaying Bitwise Variables in KVB / AKI2G >

Introduction KAS application developers can combine multiple pieces of information into one variable. One example is storing the status of up to 16 items into a 16-bit Integer or INT variable.   As an…

A S600 Servo Drive with 8.8.8 on the Display on bootup >

This article explains how to unlock an S600 when it boots up with an 8.8.8 on the display, or locks up while downloading firmware.

Boot Time of AKD / AKD2G >

The boot time was measured from the point of applying 24V control power to the drives.  The time was measured to specific indicators and functions of the drives. Note that AC power was already turned on prior to running these tests, so that the…

Sytem Tags in KVB (AKI panels) >

AKI/KVB System Tags System tags are used to monitor or access variables from the system. System tags are handled as regular controller tags, i.e. can be used in screens, logged, included in scripts etc. The Date and Time system tags can be used when…

AKD LED Display >

Valid for AKD The AKD Drives have a 2 digit display on the front. Status, faults and warnings are shown there. Examples:
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