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Trade Compliance >

Kollmorgen is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values regarding respect for human rights, integrity and environmental responsibility. Kollmorgen is also committed to complying with Section 1502, in…

Mains Filter >

About Kollmorgen Mains Filters: Use and Technical information

Servomotors >

Table of Contents General Structure and Function Gearhead application Current Kollmorgen Servo Motors 

Letter of Volatility for AKD Drives >

Kollmorgen Corporation (“Kollmorgen”) declares that the AKD drives have memory devices as shown in the table below. The non-volatile memory that may contain user settings and data may be cleared as indicated: AKD Model No. Format:…

Back EMF >

Back Electro-motive Force is the voltage generated during the operation of a rotating machine (a generator or a motor). When voltage (an electro-motive force) is applied to a motor's armature, it begins to rotate, and an amount of electrical…

Voice Coil Motors >

Voice Coil Actuators are single phase motors which can be controller like a DC motor. Inverting the current direction inverts the force direction. Bidirectional actuators can be realized, rotatory as well as linear. Voice Coil motors can be…

Test Pulse >

Valid for S300, S700, AKD Test pulses are used e.g. by safety controls, function diagnostic devices and EMC simulators for proofing several properties. Test pulses given to the STO-Enable input, which do not exceed the given length and off-time,…

Bode Plot Functions >

Valid for S300, S700
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