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AKD Basic using Single Precision Floating Point Decimal over Modbus >

Working with floating point decimal value conversions.

KAS Standard SFC Template - State Machine  >

Introduction Taking a look at PLC projects, we see that every machine deals with the same functionalities. Generally, machines powered by servo drives, need to follow a sequence of steps during its development:          …

AKD BASIC Program Protection Options >

This application note covers 2 options for protecting the AKD BASIC program from user access.


AKD BASIC keyword MOVE.MOVING is high when … The trajectory generator is active and the motor is moving and for (MOVE.DWELLTIME + MOVE.SCURVETIME) afterwards. In case 1 the motor is considered not moving on exactly the same condition that stops…

WorkBench Crash in Program View (BASIC) - System.TypeInitializationException >

In January 2018, Microsoft issued a patch causing problems for some applications. This problem impacts WorkBench when opening the Program View (BASIC). The problem affects all versions of WB and will appear suddenly on working instances after…

AKD BASIC Non-Volatile Memory Variable Definition >

AKD BASIC provides the functionality for writing a variable to non-volatile memory, for retrieval after powering up the device. To achieve this you must define the variable as NV. For example: DIM myVariable as integer NV This is discussed in the…

Using Torque Mode in an AKD Basic Program >

When using torque mode in an AKD Basic program, you must set DRV.CMDSOURCE=0 (Service) in the program. If the program executes an IL.CMDU command while DRV.CMDSOURCE=5, it will throw an F825 Runtime error.  The runtime error message…

Changing variable values over Telnet to AKD BASIC program >

This application note details how to pass values via Workbench terminal, Hyper terminal, or some other method ( i.e. high level programming language, etc. ) via Telnet commands.

AKI HMI to AKD BASIC Decimal Data Entry Example >

This document demonstrates how to program the AKI HMI and AKD-T ( BASIC ) to  enter ( or view ) decimal values on the AKI screen and how scaling works in the AKI and AKD BASIC drive.
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