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Kollmorgen Support Network

What is a Subnet Mask? >

A subnet mask is a bit mask used to define a subnet of an Ethernet network.  It acts like a filter to only allow devices with certain IP addresses to communicate. Subnets are used to specify which devices can communicate with which other…

Configuration of PLC Siemens S7-1500 ProfiNetTM and Kollmorgen AKD®2G-SPP >

This is a guide to configure the PROFINET IRT communication in between the CPU S7-15xxTx-PN and the AKD2G-SPP PROFINET. The result is to manage both axes by means of the Technology Objects that the PLC provides. The axes will be configured in…

Coupler Sizing - AKT2G Remote IO >

The AKD-PDMM controller/drive, PCMM standalone controller, AKD, AKD2G, and S700 drives all contain hardware I/O that can be used in an application to interface to other control elements on the machine. Typically, to minimize overall system cost,…

AKD EtherNet/IP to Omron PLCs >

AKD Ethernet/IP and Omron

Configuring BBH SCU with AKD2G SRA parameters  >

This article shows how to make a simple safety Application with KAS and SafePLC2. The Functional Safety parameters can be configured in WorkBench or in the BBH SafePLC2. Both methods are described here.

Hypertherm vertical axis setup issue >

Hypertherm is a CNC for laser/plasma cutting machines.  Below are some tips for setting up the AKD drive for use with a Hypertherm machine.

AKD Modbus TCP Landing Page >

This landing page contains links to other articles and downloads relating to AKD Modbus TCP communication.

Subprogram (UDFB) Creation in KAS IDE >

The following video goes through the steps needed to create a subprogram (sometimes called User Defined Function Block or UDFB), call the UDFB in another PLC program, and monitor code inside the UDFB while a project is running. This is useful…

Modbus TCP Communication Between AKD Drives and EXOR HMI Panels >

Controlling AKD drives with HMI through Modbus TCP is easy but different panels need different adjustments.This article will help you in commissioning systems where you are using an EXOR Jmobile HMI panel and AKD drives. After…
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