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SSI Absolute feedback into a Delta motion controller | 18 Nov 2014 | |

SSI Absolute feedback into a Delta motion controller

The S300 had the option for SSI encoder output- is this option not available on the AKD drive?  I need to pass absolute position to a Delta motion controller with an SSI input.  Is the S300 my best option?

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Dan.Wolke@Koll… said ...

Dan.Wolke@Koll… |

SSI is one of the first serial encoder feedback protocols.  I believe it was invented by Stegmann.  The industry, including Stegmann, has moved on to hardware/protocols that can also transmit additional information and have better EMI noise rejection. 

The AKD doesn't support SSI.  So, the answer is the S700 would be your best choice.  S700 is newer than the S300, more price competitive, and has up to date safety features. 

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