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Slave's device profile XML file | 05 Oct 2021 | |

Slave's device profile XML file


I would like to have the XML file to communicate with a servo (AKD-P01207-NBCC-E000) and Motor Kollmorgen (AKM73Q-GNCNC-00) by EtherCAT with a master (cRIO-National Instrument). After according to the documentation, I need to adding Third-Party EtherCAT Slaves to NI Master Controllers. Do you known where Can I find this file ? Thank you for your helps.




Comments & Answers

Nathanael BRIAND said ...

Nathanael BRIAND |


Please use following link to download required xml file:

This one must be use with lastest firmware vesrion also included in zip file.




Ezel said ...

Ezel |


You can download ethercat firmware at : Downloads | Kollmorgen

and you can see xml file in these folder.

Also you should pay attention firmware version is same with your AKD.

GSXR100038 said ...

GSXR100038 |

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the information. I know how to download the XML file now. Thank you for your help



MartinRupf | Fri, 10/15/2021 - 09:21

NI has some instruction and manuals on how to connect a AKD to the cRIO they should be the best source for this.
Maybe this can get you started (if you don't already found it or others finding the same post).

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