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Single Phase AKD low voltage 24A drive | 15 Feb 2017 | |

Single Phase AKD low voltage 24A drive

I have a customer who requires using the 24A (AKD-P02406-NBEC-0000) drive with single phase. The manual indicates only the 3,6, and 12A AKD drives can run single phase. Can the 24A drive be run single phase and if so what calculation is required for de-rating the drive. The smaller drives require no derating, but not sure how to de-rate if necessary the 24A if we can runit on single phase.

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kenny.hampton@… | Wed, 02/15/2017 - 16:32
 The AKD-x02406-xxxx-0000 drives were not designed to operate on a single phase AC input.  There is no de-rating that will allow you to do that.


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