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Sine Encoder Problem DH061M-13-1320 | 11 Apr 2017 | |

Sine Encoder Problem DH061M-13-1320


Motor DH061M-13-1320 (link), trying to rule it with Servostar S346. In a documentation of motor it is said just Feedback: Sine Encoder. 

When configuring S346, I picked 4 Sine Enc EnDat as a in DriveGUI utilite. It worked fine for a rather long time.

But recently something happened and now S346 shows error F04.

If I change feedback type to 1 Sine Enc Enc 5V it works fine, but now I lose start position with every power-on. So, encoder is not absolute anymore .

Questions are: How comes that motor responded via EnDat if this interface is never mentioned in any motor documentation? When it stopped working EnDat, was it a some hardware failure on a motor side? If no can it be fixed in any way? IDK, some hard reset of a motor or some diagnostic connection



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jcoleman02 said ...

jcoleman02 | Tue, 04/11/2017 - 13:23
The problem is probably in the feedback cable.  If the Sine and Cosine still work, then the encoder is probably still ok.  Check the Clock and Data signal wires and connections in the feedback cable.  Or replace the feedback cable.

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