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Setting GEARI with PDO (OPMODE 4)


we have a small problem using a S300 (FW 5.18) in OPMODE 4(el. gear). We want to change the input gear parameter GEARI with the object 2040(as PDO), but the new value will active only after coldstart. There is a possibility to change GEARI with the object 353E and the value will active immediately without coldstart, but the PDO-mapping for this object is not possible.

Does anybody know any option to change the GEARI on the fly with PDO mapping?

Thank you.


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Can you use object 353E as an SDO?  I don't know of any other way to do it.
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The problem is solved. After firmware update 5.18 -> 5.86 GEARI could be changed with the object 2040(as PDO) immediately without the COLDSTART.