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SERVOSTAR SC: Flashing Decimal Point error/issue - help

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Can you help solve an error code issue? I have a Converge C900 tip-on feeder (manufactured by Streamfeeder). Inside the control box is a SERVOSTAR SC (Base Model SC1E06260). This is connected to a servo motor. The system also includes an encoder. I use the C900 to tip on and affix business cards to postcards. The system uses a flight sensor to activate the feeder to feed a business card onto a card and a stop sensor to stop the next card at the leading edge. The machine has been running well (applying tens of thousands of cards) until the other day. The machine started to shake/vibrate violently; it was like the servo motor was accelerating and braking at the same time. I can reset the fault (press the reset button on the Operator Interface of the C900) and try and jog but it ends with the shaking/vibration issue. I have spent the last few days researching but it’s driving me crazy. I have broken down the machine and looked at all the connections, wiring schematics, etc. to solve but I’m running out of things to check. My troubleshooting has led me to the small display panel on the ServostarSC. During power up, it runs through the various readings 0 – S – 8 – 0 as it should. But when I press the RESET button (on the Operator Interface) to prepare the machine for action, the decimal point starts to flash. This is NOT RIGHT – it’s supposed to be steady ON!

According to the installation manual, a flashing decimal point indicates “Drive enabled, power to the motor, but a motor safety feature has been disabled (for example, LIMDIS = 1).”

What does this mean? The only safety feature I can find on the entire unit is a safety interlock on the C900 but I tested this and confirmed 24VDC is active when engaged. It’s working as it should.

I have done exhausted testing and troubleshooting. What’s my next step? SHOULD I consider connecting this to my computer and going through the software to figure it out? Or is there a mechanical issue I’m missing (like the motor is toast). ANY help would be gratefully received. I have tried to work with the engineer at Streamfeeder but to no avail; he’s stumped too.


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Unfortunately the Servostar SC has been obsolete for many years ( this product was circa around the year 2000 ).
We no longer have the hardware to test and troubleshoot with and the last revision of Motionlink is dated around 2004 so
It may not communicate on a new OS ( i.e. Windows 10 ) even if it installs. I am also skeptical a USB to Serial converter will work.
I have notes that BASIC Moves will install on a Windows 7 machine but has not been validated.

Assuming you have a PC with the MotionLink and BASIC Moves software that works, you can refer to the following link for support documentation
and software.

The User Guide has a troubleshooting section and how to query.

A flashing decimal point seems vague and based on your comments I agree no further diagnostics and troubleshooting can be made based on the 2 digit display.
To understand the state of the controller/drive you’ll need to connect to it with software to determine what the issue really is.
We do not manufacture or repair this product any longer so your long term goal should be to retrofit to new and available products.
Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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