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Servostar 700 and Twincat 3

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Recently i took over a project for a Packaging machine reconstruction, and it came with S700 (V3.75) drive units. In order to save some money, we decided to keep the same drives and motors. We installed a Beckoff IPC and aimed to use the Ethercat function (Previously they operated as Can Open drives). Since i didnt manage to find any documentation for the connecting between S700 and TC3 ( only found for TC2 ) and also being new to Ethercat and the Kollmorgen drives, i used the Scan function to detect the drive. 

Everything seems good to be honest, i can read the Position Values, Torque and etc. My problem is that the Drive always goes to SAFEOP and i get an error when i try to set it to OP condition. I cant enable the drive from Twincat and i get an error from PTP-NC task that the drive is not ready to operate or the enable signal missing (it's not).
I have tried lots of things, also managed to add it completly manualy(no scan method) but i always got the same problem. 

Is there something i need to take care from the Drive side? or any Tip about it. 

Thank you in advance

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If you have not resolved your issue at this time I recommend you contact our location in Germany for further support.

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