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Servostar 600

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We have a servostar 600 on the bench in our workshop we want to program with settings .With 24v to the servostar the display shows 5.81

and when we connect the lead from the laptop to the unit and try and upload the settings,we get an error on the pc to say No connection to amplifier or faulty cable.

When i try to do this on another spare 600 we have it works perfectly,same pc same cable same port .The only difference is the display.

When we power up the second 600 the display shows 5.81 then F04 the F06.These are bothe new units and soory but i cant find out any information about this only check cable and port.



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Hi Declan,

The standard procedure for the drive is to indicate the Firmware version, then show the drive current, before starting normal operation with showing any present error, warning or power stage status. The display codes can be found here:

Kind of strange behavior to be stuck with the Firmware display. If you have the Firmware you can try to reload it, but make sure to only use an applicable version for your drive.

As you state Firmware 5.81 it seems that your drive isn't of the latest and can only support older Firmware versions. Please check your the Hardware/Firmware comparability table here:

Some older Firmware versions and the upgrade tool can be found in the download section of KDN. If your not sure please contact your local Kollmorgen reseller.




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