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Servostar 600 firmware update problem | 08 Jul 2019 | |

Servostar 600 firmware update problem

Hello Support,

I have a problem with  Servostar 600, i will update the firmware, because it looks, the amplifilter does not contain any firmware right now.

(I attached picture, what is the actually state on the amplifilter.)

I connected on COM port,and i tried to use the FW_Download_2007 program and the Upgrade_Tool_V3 on the Kollmorgen CD also.

Everything seems ok During the procedure, but the firmware doesn't want to upgrade to the amplifilter.

Could you please help me a bit?

Kollmorgen1.JPG (30.82 KB)

Comments & Answers

kenny.hampton@… said ...

kenny.hampton@… |


Can you provide the S600 hardware version of the drive and the version firmware you are trying to load in it?


Ahmed said ...

Ahmed |


I have a similar  problem. my hardware ver is 5.20 and pervious FW was 7.67. I have tried to downgrade to 5.99 everything worked fine and it took it 1hour to complete the upgrade. i have recycled the power as instructed by the software and was able to see 5.99 displayed for 2 second than went to F04 than went blank. i have recycled the power several time and got the same result. I have tried to connect to the drive so i can load custom parameters and i couldn't establish the communication anymore. can anyone help please. Thanks

attikatmm said ...

attikatmm |


I can't recognize this harware version exactly, but i attached a picture from the label on the amplifilter.

The software version that i tried first is 7.03, then i also tried the 9.27

Thanks in advance

IMG_5109.JPG (2.61 MB)

attikatmm | Wed, 09/11/2019 - 08:32

Solved: Solution was use DriveDownload utility_216A(Important with this old software.) with version 5.53 firmware. Then update to the correct firmware version 7.02.

fadhelah | Tue, 07/25/2023 - 08:18

Good morning/afternoon

Where can I get version 7.02 firmware for S600 servostar drive?




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