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Safety Card PMCprotego S1-2 (Kollmorgen firmware) | 26 Sep 2022 | |

Safety Card PMCprotego S1-2 (Kollmorgen firmware)

Hello community,

A safety card PMCprotego S1-2 (Order number: 680005 with Kollmorgen firmware)  is giving the following problems:

Any troubleshooting for these errors? They stop a motor while moving.

Thanks in advance,


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SergioIdom said ...

SergioIdom |


You are telling me this once and again and no one contacts me. Why don't you post the answer here instead of having to talk between you-distributor-me?

I Gibb | Wed, 09/28/2022 - 13:47

Hello, The distributor has contacted us and we have responded as requested by the distributor, so they will be in contact with you .

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