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S772 drive STO2 not showing in Drive GUI

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Hello all.I am trying to set up an S77202-NANAS3 drive and I am facing issues that I cannot get past.I have connected the basic setup as per S748-S772 manual page 63.When I connect to the drive with DriveGUI V3.4.1 Build Final I am not seeing STO2 on the monitor screen. despite having both STO1 and STO2  connected to 24V.If I disconnect STO2 input STO1 is the one responding on the monitor screen.Disconnecting and connecting STO1 does not have any response input remains off.If I enable the drive Enable input appears on Monitor screen.If I then do the Enable in DriveGUI I get message saying ERR safety relay!Err No permission for enable.On the LED display on the drive the middle display is not showing anything but the left and right show -.So display is like - -.Even when display a fault like F27 it shows F 7.I thought it could be a firmware issue so I upgraded from 5.67 to 7ndu-587NDO but still problem persists.Hardware version is 2.10.Drive has been in store for a while and this is the first time to use it.I can provide more information if needed.Please help.In  DriveGUI Status screen the O.K led is green and no faults or warning are showing.


UPDATE.I discovered that I was working without the STO bridge.I got one and STO is now okay.But I am failing to go online with the drive when the Hardware Enable is ON.As long as the drive is displaying P72 I can go online but the moment I enable the drive I get messages saying Communication error :Inconsistent Echo,Communication error :Checksum error.So as it is I am unable to perform even jog.

kkristian - Sun, 08/16/2020 - 02:32
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