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S600 Old drive Problem with firmware

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Hi! Can anybody help me with a problem?

I've bought old used Servostar S606 drive. I needed to use it with AKM42G servo motor. Drive's shield in attachment.

I connected with Drive software, but there wasn't such motor in drive's motor database. So I tried to download motor database (S400 / S600 Motor Database (DB & CSV)) with load from disk feature. But haven't successed.

Next I downloaded 9.56_ND0 file from this site, downloaded this firmware to drive through LPT-CAN Upgrade Tool (that took about 5 hours). And all I get is empty motor list. Also now there are ??? in hardware version.



After all, I understood, that drive's hardware version isn't compatible with this firmware. So now I need some old firmware to download it to my drive. Where can I get it? Sadly, I didn't remember old firmware version, so I can't tell which it was to correctly find out which version I need. But I remember, that in rev created string there was 2011 year.


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Recently (maybe after my inquiry) old firmwares appeared on the download section. So I decided, that by stepping down my firmware, I will eventually get to the one I need. I downloaded 8.79 firmware through LPT-CAN Upgrade Tool. Download finished with success message. After rebooting of the drive, the sequence of the statuses is 8.79 -> nd0 -> 8.79 -> _7_ (IMG_20190618_103900.jpg).

When I try to connect with DRIVE Software, there is no connection.

When I try to download any other FW with LPT-CAN Upgrade Tool, there is no connection could be established. When I try to do it with Firmware Upgrade Tool - "Could not switch drive to monitor mode" (IMG_20190618_103931.jpg). I used 9600 kbaud, 38400 kbaud. I tried another notebook. But nothing changes.

What is this " 7 " status? How can I now download different firmware? 


Be aware that not all Firmware are fitting all Hardware versions. There is a compatability list here.

Also there is a older upgrade tool (2.16a), which does a good job if the drive is unreachable. Try with this, you will need some more patient to finish the flashing, but can maybe help to recover a corrupted drive version.

About the " 7 " on the display not sure. Seems like something went wrong or the Firmware is newer than allowed with your drive. Here would the most common display codes be described.

Martin Rupf - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 23:19
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