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s300 biss-c renishaw problem

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Hello there!

I have a problem with my S300 (6A) servo amplifier, firmware – v5.86_ND0, hardware revision – 4.10.

It successfully worked with the motor on which SinCos Encoder W&S was installed (FBTYPE = 7), but after replacing my motor’s feedback to an absolute one (FBTYPE = 33 BiSS-C Renishaw), the servo amplifier started to generate Overspeed Error (F08), sometimes Warning n23, less often Feedback Loss (F04).

These errors occur almost always with the same angle of rotation of the motor.
If the servo amplifier goes into error in this rotation angle, then i cannot give a signal "Enable" and clear the error, because I get Feedback Loss error (F04) until I turn the motor manually to a different angle.

Feedback MHA8 readhead with MRA8 ring (Renishaw BiSS-C 18 bit). 

The feedback sensor is installed correctly, which is confirmed by the error-free operation of the motor from another servo amplifier.

Given all of the above, it is not clear why the error occurs, because the feedback ring and the sensor are operational. This is tested on another S300 (6A) servo amplifier, but a more recent version (Hardware Revision 4.20, Firmware 6.07_ND0) and AKD-P1206. They have not this problem, with the same sets of cables.

Previously, such a problem did not arise, it appeared recently. How to solve this, or is the servo amplifier broken?


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You didn't specify what motor model you have. Is it a Kollmorgen rotary or linear motor?

Your issue sounds like the motor is running away because it isn't commutating correctly because of wiring and/or the MPHASE is wrong.

When testing and determining the MPHASE via Wake&Shake make sure initially the DIR parameter is set to 21 ( positive ). DIR=21 cw.

Once the motor is commutating correctly if to invert the direction ( i.e. the motor moves and feedback counts negative in what you want the machine direction to be positive )

you can change the DIR setting.

If you've wired your motor straight to the drive U=U, V=V, W=W currently you will need to swap U and W. There is no method to invert the direction of the BISS-C encoder

as its direction is based on the way it was mechanically mounted and oriented.

Once you've run the Wake&Shake several times and get a consistent value. Try jogging the motor with Motion Service in each direction and check that positive command results in the position feedback counts up and a negative command results in the position feedback counts down.

Make sure you have provisions to prevent damage to the machine in the case of the motor running away when attempting to find the MPHASE and run the motor thereafter as well.


Good afternoon!
Thanks for the answer. I tried all six combinations of connecting a motor. And I tried to change the DIR parameter.
But the error F08 does not always occur. In most cases, the motor runs correctly and without errors.
But sometimes an error of F08 occurs unreasonably in the same place where it is at 213 degrees.
Can you provide me a file for firmware versions ranging from v5.18_ND0 to v5.99_ND0 except for v5.86_ND0, I will try to reflash the servo amplifier. I think that the problem appeared when I updated the firmware version to v5.86_ND0.

Krounis - Tue, 03/17/2020 - 19:30

If you're having problems with these faults at a particular location then it is possible you have a problem with the readhead's movement or alignment or a problem with the scale. Troubleshooting this issue is beyond the scope of the KDN. I recommend you contact your Kollmorgen supplier or call technical support at:
Germany/Europe, Mideast, Africa

Pempelfurtstraße 1
40880 Ratingen

[email protected]
+49 (0) 2102 9394 0

toddevans01 - Wed, 03/18/2020 - 06:03
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