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S200 vs Biss-C(rotary 20bit Encoder) | 05 Mar 2020 | |

S200 vs Biss-C(rotary 20bit Encoder)


I'm Seunghyeon Ryu from GMS.

I want to use Biss C(20bit Rotary) Encoder for S200 Drive.

is that possible to use?

If it is possible, i want to know that there is firmware for that.


If the S200 is not supported, is the AKD-B model supported?

Please give me a information.

Best regards..

Comments & Answers

Dan.Wolke@Koll… | Thu, 03/05/2020 - 13:02
We do offer a special firmware for the S200 that supports BiSS-C synchronous serial feedback.  You can find the firmware on  I must warn you its not very user friendly and we have limited support/documentation.  It will be an uphill battle to use.  I know this firmware will work with Renishaw's synchronous serial BiSS-C.  We have no experience with other encoder's BiSS-C.  We will not be able to modify or repair this firmware. 

Another issue with BiSS-C and S200.  the S200 doesn't have a ZERO function, a way to set the commutation offset easly.  If this BiSS-C is not on a Kollmorgen motor, expect difficulity in the configuration process.  Best you setup the drive with the motor unloaded before you attempt to run the motor with a load.

Our AKD drive will take BiSS-C feedback, both Renishaw and Hengstler.  Because the Renishaw synchronous serial communications is unidirectional, some drive setup will be needed.  Hengstler, the drive setup will be automatic.  AKD does have a ZERO function. 

There are other encoder manufactures who offer BiSS-C but we have no experience with using it.

Dan Wolke

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