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S-600 NDO Firmware version problem

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I have S670 servodrive in our linear robot.Firmware is 5.99. Its burned.

I've bought new servodrive.Firmware is 7.76 NDO.

I replaced burned servodrive with new one and downloaded parameters.

It's worked about 15 minutes without any problem.Then robot hit to mechanical stopper because servodrive lost position.

I changed firmware from 7.76 NDO to 5.99 NDO.

Now robot works but every 1 hour robot stops on the target position and give the alarm time supervision.But servodrive has no any alarm.

Only firmware is different between new servodrive and old servodive.

New servo 5.99 NDO. Old servo 5.99.

What is difference between them? Have you seen such a problem before?


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