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Replacement of ACOMEL Drives

Valid for S300, S700

Most of the ACOMEL drives used in high frequency applications can be replaced with S300/S700 servo amplifiers with special firmware.

Dual Use

These devices are export controlled ( Dual Use, AL-3A225 ) and require an export approval. The functionality to replace Acomel HF inverters is possible with special firmware only. Contact our customer service.

S300 / S700 Disadvantages

  • No DC – DC transformer inside.
    A correct combination Power supply voltage / Motor is necessary.
  • More Power losses in the motor for “high” speed (f > 2.000Hz).
    Less power losses in the drive.

S300 / S700 Advantages

  • Support for induction and synchronous motors. ACOMEL only supports induction machines.
  • With and without a feedback.
  • Support of more than 20 feedbacks.
  • Support for most common fieldbus systems.
  • Ease of use: Example - U/f control with two parameters.
  • Drive runs smoother
  • Speed below 5000 rpm is possible (advantage for testing)
  • Brake ramp (40000 to 0 rpm) reduced from 7s to <2s
  • Unique amplifier types for servo axes and HF axes
  • Communication via Multidrive (one interface for all amplifiers)

Current Status

  • S300/S700 with 8 kHz PWM  (16kHz with derating)
    • Up to 1.000 Hz (2 pole motor with 60.000rpm) with low power losses in the motor.
    • Up to 2.000 Hz in process

See page Tuning - High Frequency Spindles S300-S700 for more information.