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Reconnecting to workbench

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I am using Workbench to control an AKD servo driver. I will occasionally lose the connection between the AKD and the computer running Workbench (I believe this is a network fault, and not a AKD/Workbench issue). The servo driver will continue running its programmed motion tasks, although Workbench has no connection. My issue is that when this happens, I cannot simply reconnect to the AKD driver. I have to power cycle the driver, connect, and home the motor before I can restart any motion tasks. Is there a way to connect to the driver without a power cycle? I am OK with stopping the motion tasks, but I would like to maintain the driver's home calibration, which is lost duing the power cycle.


Thanks in advance!


When communication is lost, press and release the B1 button on the top of the AKD drive (inside the hole). The display will show the drive's IP address. See if the IP address is correct or if it has been lost. It may provide some helpful information for the network manager.

If you are using DHCP, press and hold the B1 button for about 30 seconds. This will clear and reset the drive's IP address. The network controller (server) should reasign the IP address.

jcoleman02 - Mon, 10/19/2020 - 06:40
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1 Answer

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A "virtual" computer is being utilized. Direct connection of 1.17 Workbench (WB) is to be conducted, and then testing the ability of WB to reconnect directly connected. If this proves successful, then the facilities IT staff is to research potential issues within the virtual computer or networking.

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