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Recommendations on replacing the Cimrex41 HMI panels?

The Cimrex 41 operator terminal (M.1302.74250 is obsolete and replaced by EXTER T40m (M.3000.0170) or T40t (M.3000.0171). 
The T40m is a  Graphic Touch operator terminal, 320x240 pixels, Backlit 3.5" TFT-LCD 16 greyscales 
The T40t is a Graphic Touch operator terminal. 320x240 pixels, Backlit 3.5" TFT-LCD 64k color 
Software for programming:
Information Designer - Exter and Cimrex Programming Software (M.1302.8204).
Additional accessories you might consider as well:
Exter Programming Cable (M.1302.8200) 
Exter to MMC Cable - RS-232 (M.1302.8453) 
Exter to MMC Cable - RS-422 (M.1302.8454) 
Additional information: 
G & L Motion Control Archive or Beijer Electronics - Exter touch panels