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Random booting drive S300

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Hello folks,

I have problem with random booting drive S300 - S343 hw rev 03.01 fw 3.75, after power on. See picture below, right one from drives. Problematic status in red rectangle.

What I found in manual is "it is not error, it is status message" and nothing more. I started to search in knowledge base. There I found more about this status. It is status for downloading new firmware to drive. When you want to update firmware by standard way, you have to push both buttons with arrows below drives display during you power on drive. Drive will switch on to booting status(my random problematic cause). After this you can use update tool in driveGUI or older version has separate software for it, if I am right.

Now problem beginning -
Everything started after I did autotunnig via newest driveGUI interface. I saved data to eeprom, save .par file and try cold start of drive. First cold start ran nice I was very glad for autotunning tool and everything works to first time power off.

Next time when I powered on my device, security circuit not worked and I gone to cabinet and saw this mad "STATUS". I thought it is random error. I restarted drive and it was there again. It is repeating everytime when I want to power on my drive. 

I do not know where it could be fail. I tried :

  • load last config file which I saved for similar critic situations
  • default settings
  • delete eeprom
  • new complete setup
  • older version of driveGUI to set up drive by tags upper

Next steps:

  • firmware update
  • update/reset parameters
  • last way - if I failed just professional service action

I want to try update firmware now 3.75 to 3.99, but nowhere I could not to download version for hw rev.- 03.01. My local support told me, they have not access for older firmware at all. 

Do you can help me please? Or give me any contact to somebody who will help me with my problem please?

Many thanks for any help!

Sincerely Ladislav




2 Answers

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Solved, firmware update helped.

After few weeks of mailing with guys from local support team I received firmware v3.89 for update my hardware setup v03.01.

Update was done via new driveGUI, update tool. Everything worked very nice and run smoothly. Each before saved EEPROM parameters(autotunning values too) were saved and I found their after update. 

Many thanks for help to local support team and Mr. Hampton too!


Hello. We have a similar situation with the S300 controller. And there was an attempt to install a new firmware that does not match the hardware version. As a result: the installed firmware was erased. To restore work, we are looking for versions 3.75-3.99 as indicated on the official website. Can you help us get the firmware for hardware version HW 03.01 ?

Mikhail - Thu, 11/12/2020 - 10:03

Hello Mikhail,

I recieved fw3.89 for hw revision 03.01. Upgrade successfull done at first time. Like I typed upper I had problem with random booting after autotunning function.

If you will let me your email, I can send you recieved fw 3.89 for S300 hw03.01.


ladislav - Sat, 11/14/2020 - 06:58

Hello ladislav. My mail: [email protected]. Thank you very much. I also wrote an email to the company itself, but there was no response from them for a week.

Mikhail - Mon, 11/16/2020 - 01:26

Hello, Ladislav. I have too problem with random booting drive Servostar S300 - S341 hw rev 03.01. Please send the firmware update for hw Rev.-03.01. My email: [email protected]. Thanks for any help!

Anton - Fri, 11/20/2020 - 00:54
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In most cases reloading the firmware resolves the issue with the S300 randomly booting up in firmware download mode.  You can contact our support team in Germany for a copy of the older S300 firmware.  They can also help you with the process of sending the S300 drive in for repair, if that is required 


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